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MSC’s clients look to us for professional investigations and advice on legal action. In the US and worldwide, MSC has helped organizations in countless high-stake, multi-jurisdictional disputes.


Our consultants have unique investigation backgrounds that allow them to work in multi-skilled teams. This approach yields the most useful evidence and our teams deliver it in a timely and professional manner. Our investigations team is comprised of retired federal agents, skilled analysts, and cutting edge information forensics specialists. Working in unison or as a team, they can seek out and deliver the information you need on time, every time.


We have assisted in cases involving fraud, intellectual property, securities, employment as well as damages and commercial disputes. Our consultants have also served as expert witnesses on cases of all sorts.


Maez Security Consultants remain a leader in obtaining and developing valuable information utilizing the most current and effective methodologies used by federal law enforcement agencies when conducting investigations for clients and their legal counsel. Maez Security Consultant’s private investigators are licensed by the State of New Mexico.

Experienced Private Investigators

All types of cases

• Fraud

• Intellectual property

• Securities

• Employment

• Damages

• Commercial disputes

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