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Active Shooter Response Workshop

Utilizing Department of Homeland Security guidelines, Maez Security Consultants. has developed workshops that provide private sector participants with information to increase the potential of surviving, if they're involved in an active shooter situation.

Qualified security consultants

This workshop is now being offered to private sector entities in New Mexico and throughout the Southwestern United States.


Our consultants are former US Secret Service Agents, FBI Agents, and military personnel who have provided active shooter training for clients in the United States and Mexico. Our philosophy of “knowledge, plus training, equals survival” is the most effective way to keep employees safe and secure.


The Active Shooter Response Workshop is presented as a 4 or 8-hour workshop. The Workshop is designed for educators, healthcare providers, and corporate employees, and is presented in four blocks, the topics addressed include:



Block 1: Definition of and history of active shooter incidents

• What is considered and active shooter incident?

• History of active shooter incidents: When did this phenomenon begin?

• Past and recent active shooter incidents

• What has been learned from active shooter incidents?


Block 2: Recognizing signs of potential violence

• Pre-employment screening

• What is considered “unacceptable behavior”?

• Reporting concerns

• Management responsibilities

• Active shooter preparedness


Block 3: Surviving an active shooter situation

• Identifying the situation

• Immediate response

• Evacuate – escape

• Shelter-in-place

• Taking necessary offensive actions for survival


Block 4: Immediate crisis management

• What to do after the shooting stops

• Dealing with the aftermath

• Management responsibilities


Question and answer session – 30 minutes

For further information or interviews contact, W. Dennis Maez, President, MSC, office 505-515-0202 or cell 210-771-2458.

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